The Paleo Approach Cookbook in One Word: Wowzers!

I had been anticipating Sarah's cookbook follow-up to The Paleo Approach, The Paleo Approach Cookbook, for months and months. Actually, it felt like years, and I'm sure the pubishing process felt even longer to her! The Autoimmune Community has been thirsty for this... we are downright nutrient junkies after all. 
Sarah has crafted a masterpiece. 400 pages of AIP Basics, kitchen tips, recipes, nutrient profiles, and beautiful photography. Whether you have mastered the AIP diet or are a newbie, this is a must buy. The book includes 200 recipes with tips, variations, and FODMAP alerts for almost every one. Technically, you could cook from The Paleo Approach Cookbook for two years straight and never eat the same meal twice. 
The first section of the book, called The Basics, is an invaluable resource for cooks of all levels. I have learned a ton of new tricks already and even discovered some new kitchen tools that will be added to my repertoire soon. Sarah of course outlined the parameters of the diet, tips for budgeting, how to batch cook and prepare food quickly, and even the nutrient profiles of specific foods so you can geek out with her on Manganese.
At first glance, the photography pulls you in, but after sitting on the couch for hours with the book, it’s the depth and quality of information that truly amazes me. Sarah knows her audience. We are smart, saavy women who don’t sacrifice taste, will spend half their paycheck on food, but still like to stick to a budget. She NAILED it. I purchased the ingredients for 4 recipes and only spent $20.
The layout of the book is almost as impressive as the content. It is easy on the eyes, sort of like if George Clooney was wearing an apron and nothing else while serving you oysters on the half shell on the Amalfi coast. I own a growing collection of Paleo cookbooks and they all have delicious recipes but at least 50% have terrible photos that do the food no justice. Sarah’s photography is REAL, intimate, appetizing, and comforting. I have two favorites. The first being her Root Vegetable Biscuits. They take me back to Thanksgiving mornings spent hiding under my mom’s skirt as she cooked for the family. My second favorite shot is of her Fruit Salad – vibrant sliced kiwi served in a carved watermelon basket. Woman is talented.
I decided to make a few recipes – the ones that really jumped out at me the first time I flipped through the book. The only variations I made were eliminating the onion in the pate because of my own intolerance, and I fried the plantain crackers in coconut oil to make crisps. This weekend I’ll be making her Plantain Crackers baked in the oven. They look fabulous and use only 3 ingredients.
Bacon Bison Liver Pate: No you cannot taste the liver. Yes you’re going to want to eat it because you like it and not because you  “have to”. She fancied it up with some really interesting ingredients. It’s the kind of appetizer that makes me feel like Loralei Gilmore’s mother. “Darling, please try my pate. Once we’re finished, will you join me at the theatre? It’s marvelous.”
Whole Carrot Tabouleh : I am Lebanese. I know my tabouleh, and I’m not afraid to tell you that you didn’t add enough lemon juice or the parsley-mint ratio is way off. I have no complaints. This is DELICIOUS. The dressing alone is so amazing, that I plan on using it for salads. Super simple recipe with really impressive results. Wow.
Breakfast Brew: I know I’m not the only chick who misses her morning brew. Since coffee makes me feel like absolute crap, I have accepted that mornings consist of water and maybe a green juice. This breakfast brew uses 3 ingredients in a French press so you feel like your old self, scurrying around the house trying to find your coral lipstick in one of your 12 purses while calculating how many stoplights you’re willing to run this morning so you’re not late for work. I am just so excited I get to use my French press again. It’s been neglected for months.
Other recipes I am trying this weekend: 
Lemon & Thyme Broiled Pork Chops
Carrot-Raisin Muffins
Bacon-Braised Whitefish and Brussels
Pork Pad Thai
Review Summary: Cancel your standing appointments. Order this book. Overnight ship it even if that means joining Amazon Prime finally and call in sick tomorrow, so you can spend the entire day reading and cooking and eating and reading and cooking and eating. Buy it on Amazon  or   Barnes & Noble  on pre-order now!!
A Note to Sarah: Thank you for your dedication to providing us with a high quality literary and cooking piece of art. We are so lucky to have you as a leader of the AIP community. You enhance our quality of life each day, and your website and books bring us all hope, joy, and empowerment. Please don’t ever stop being a nutrient-seeker, science geek, or perfectionist. 
Whole Carrot "Tabouleh" | Bacon and Bison Liver Pate | Plantain Crackers (adapted version)
Whole Carrot "Tabouleh" | Bacon and Bison Liver Pate 
Rosemary Sea Salt Pork Clouds | Daikon Radish
Breakfast Brew | Coconut Milk would be delightful in this... I plan to serve it with her Carrot Raisin Muffins. Enjoying my cup of Joe on my porch during afternoon sunlight!

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